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Your Guarantee

All upvc profiles, doors slabs and pvc panels supplied by the company (Just Doors UK) carry a comprehensive guarantee for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery provided that the goods have been paid for as per the contract. In the unlikely event that a problem develops during the 10 year period, Just Doors UK will simply replace the faulty item. We will do our best to match any previous items supplied, but due to availability of materials this may not be possible.

The Company shall replace any item free of charge proven to be faulty. The Company will not pay the cost of any additional work or labour required to install replacement items. The Company cannot be held responsible for normal ‘Wear and Tear’ or accidental damage, misuse or failure by the customer to comply with routine maintenance.

The performance and quality of all upvc profiles, door slabs and gaskets are guaranteed for 10 years, sealed units 5 years and hardware and locks 1 year from date of delivery allowing for fair wear and tear. We guarantee that the colour will not fade for 10 years as long as you regularly wash the product with warm soapy water and adhere to the general maintenance guidelines set out by Just Doors UK. Do not try to clean the products with solutions containing bleach or abrasive cleaners.

Examples of fair wear and tear may include:

  • scratched handles on doors;
  • pitted, marked or broken letterboxes, handles or knockers or other door furniture;
  • scratched or broken glass units after delivery;
  • snapped keys in locks