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Triple Glazed Windows

triple glazing

Triple The Charm

According to government data, most British homes, more than 85% have double glazing. But it’s likely that this figure is set to change, though still to be decided, incoming regulations in England could demand new upvc windows have a U Value of 1.0 or below. That would almost certainly make triple glazing standard for new builds from 2025 onwards. It’s not difficult to see why, triple glazed windows offer an abundance of unrivalled features and benefits!

Get Triple Glazed Savvy!

A triple glazed window consists of three panes of glass, as opposed to the two panes found in double glazing (the third pane of glass is located half-way between the inner and outer panes).

Triple glazing works by creating an insulating layer of argon gas between three panes of glass. The glazed unit comprises of two panes that are Low E and one that is Low Iron. The additional insulating layer helps to improve energy efficiency, reduce heat loss and significantly improve sound insulation - helping to keep your home warm and cosy in winter and cooler in the summer.

Just Doors UK triple glazed upvc windows achieve an A++ rating with a U-value of 0.9. The glass specification is 4/14/4/12/4 Soft Coat Low Iron with Black Warm Edge Spacer and argon filled cavities. It’s the perfect glazing solution for the new build sector plus homeowners and builders alike. Not just because of its outstanding thermal properties, triple glazing adds to a property’s overall market value and improves its environmental footprint.

No More Noise

If peace and quiet are top of the agenda, you’ll be surprised how effective the additional pane of glass and the gas-filled spaces between the panes significantly reduce noise from the outside.

If you reside in a city centre, on a busy road or close to an airport Just Doors UK triple glazing is a game-changer. Known as noise-reducing windows, triple glazed windows offer an additional barrier to sound waves which mean they make it more difficult for unwanted noise to penetrate your

Not just that, a reduction in noise offers many health benefits, it allows you to sleep soundly, concentrate more easily (a blessing for many, now that working from home has become the norm) and take time out for some well-deserved R & R.

Liniar triple glazed windows

Next Level Energy Efficiency

One of the main advantages of triple glazing is its unrivalled energy efficiency. The added pane of glass and insulating gas layer make them more effective at maintaining the temperature inside your home regardless of the rise and fall outside. According to national statistics, triple glazed windows can improve the energy performance of regular double glazing by up to 50%.

It’s not just drafts or the heat of direct sunlight that will be eradicated, triple glazed windows can lead to welcome energy savings, especially in colder climates. Your fuel bills are likely to decrease significantly, especially if you currently have single glazed windows installed. Sit back, relax and look forward to recouping the cost of your new upvc windows in just a few years. Kerching!

In-Built Security

It’s amazing how an additional pane of glass can make such a difference! The addition of a third glazed unit makes triple glazed windows so much harder to break, which offers homeowners an increased level of protection against intruders. Strengthened further with multiple locking points, triple glazed windows are security savvy as well as an excellent noise reducing home solution.

Furthermore, Just Doors UK triple glazed windows are internally beaded. This means that the bead is only visible from inside the home. An internally beaded frame offers enhanced security as anyone attempting to remove glazing from the outside can’t access the beading strip. This makes it almost impossible for opportunist burglars to remove window units from the outside.

Say Goodbye To Condensation

High indoor humidity is the main ‘culprit’ of condensation. This occurs when the warm air inside your home comes in to contact with the cold surface of the glass. You’ll usually see moisture appearing when it runs down the inside of the glass or in the gap between the glazed units. Heating, cooking, showering – they’re all contributing factors.

With triple glazed windows condensation build-up is drastically reduced as the additional pane of glass and the gas filled space between them create a barrier that prevents the warm air inside your home from reaching the cold outer pane of glass. Say ‘Bye Bye’ to moisture, mould and pesky drafts!

Get Creative With Colour

Aesthetically pleasing and thermally efficient, Just Doors UK triple glazed upvc windows are available in 16 beautiful colours. Whether you are looking for traditional colours like Oak or Chartwell Green or prefer modern, contemporary shades such as Anthracite Grey or Agate Grey, Just Doors UK is guaranteed to have the perfect colour match for your home.

white upvc profile
anthracite grey upvc profile
Anthracite Grey
agate grey upvc profile
Agate Grey
gale grey upvc profile
Smooth Anthracite Grey
golden oak upvc profile
Golden Oak
rosewood upvc profile
cream upvc profile
chartwell green upvc profile
Chartwell Green
black brown upvc profile
whitegrain upvc profile
irish oak upvc profile
Irish Oak

You can accessorise in style! Choose from single or dual colour windows and complement them with a selection of handles finishes in Chrome, Gold, White, Black, Smoked or Satin Silver to create your perfect window style and finish every time.

chrome window handle
gold window handle
white window handle
black window handle
smoked window handle
brushed chrome window handle

Recoup The Cost

If you’re looking to make a sound financial investment, choosing to invest in triple glazed windows will not just improve your home’s comfort, level of security and energy efficiency, it will also have a significant impact on the value of your property.

With an increase in global warming and the impact of reducing our ‘carbon footprint’, more and more people are starting to become environmentally conscious.

A property that has triple glazing installed could potentially increase in value, making it more saleable in the future, or if it’s your ‘forever home’, increase its value in the years to come.

Triple glazed windows are BUILT TO LAST! They are super durable, require less maintenance and are far more resistant to wear and tear. While the upfront cost may be higher initially, the long-term savings make triple glazed windows a super smart investment. Don’t delay ‘Future Proof’ your home today!

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