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Victorian Front Doors

If you are considering installing a Victorian front door or renovating an existing one, Just Doors UK will guide you through the process of designing the perfect entrance door. From choosing the right materials to selecting a suitable design and picking the perfect colour, we will help you create a composite front door that embodies the essence of the Victorian era.

While preserving the traditional charm, contemporary designs with Victorian influence offer a fresh and updated look. Innovative composite materials, modern colour schemes and the integration of smart home technology are some of the ways in which Victorian front doors have evolved to meet the needs of the modern homeowner.

Glass panels and fan lights are another distinctive feature of Victorian front doors. These glass elements allow natural light to filter into the hallway while providing a glimpse of the interior. Stained glass is particularly popular, featuring intricate patterns, motifs and vibrant colours. Fanlights, located above the main door, often showcase beautiful leaded glass designs, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Key Features of Victorian Front Doors

Understanding the key features of Victorian front doors is essential when designing or selecting an entrance door that captures the essence of the era. By incorporating the appropriate materials, design elements, colours and glass features, you can recreate the timeless beauty and elegance of Victorian front doors in your own home.

Modern takes on the Victorian front door offer a refreshing twist to this classic design. Whether you prefer contemporary designs with Victorian influence, innovative materials, modern colour schemes or smart home features, there are endless possibilities to create a composite front door that combines the best of both worlds. Embrace the beauty of Victorian design while incorporating modern elements that suit your personal style and enhance the functionality of your home.

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